Barts and The London, School of Medicine and Dentistry


Year 2 EXP2: Extended Patient Contact


You will be at a GP practice for 3 hours each Tuesday morning from 9-12 am on 11 occasions during the year alternating with your Year 2 MedSoc placement; you will be in a group of 4-8 students. 

It is expected that each morning will begin with a preparatory tutorial, where you will have an opportunity to discuss your learning needs.  This will be followed by some clinical activity e.g. meeting a patient whose conditions match the PBL Units that you are undertaking at the time, examining a patient, or practising examination skills on each other, attending a clinic,  undertaking practice-based investigations (spirometry, ECG recording, blood glucose monitoring, urinalysis), or interpreting laboratory results. 

You will also have opportunities to practise communication skills.  You will work in pairs for these activities and will be expected to give feedback to your colleagues; you will also receive feedback from your tutor.  The morning will finish with a debriefing tutorial when you will have the opportunity to ask questions and identify learning needs for forthcoming sessions.