Barts and The London, School of Medicine and Dentistry


Year GEP 1 : Clinical Communication Skills

Teaching Material for this Module


This course marks the beginning of the process of developing professional communication skills which will continue throughout your studies and the rest of your professional life.

You will be meeting and learning from patients early in the course in hospital, primary care and community settings. Medical students’ role in relation to patients is as a learner, although you may on occasions be able to assist with appropriate supervision. 

Our aim is to help you build upon your existing communication skills so as to develop professional communication that will enable you to have relationships and interactions that are respectful, effective and satisfying for patients and yourselves. 

Moreover, in understanding what constitutes good communication in the context of the therapeutic relationship we hope you will be more aware and better able to evaluate the communication practices that you see in clinical settings, so that you can consciously develop good practice for yourselves.