Barts and The London, School of Medicine and Dentistry


Year 3 YR3intro: Introduction to Year 3 and Year Outcomes


Year 3 is Stage 3 of the MBBS programme.

Most of the year is occupied by three 9-week clinical attachments. You will spend time on each of the following system based firms:

MET3A surgery, gastrointestinal medicine and cancer

MET3B renal, endocrine and diabetes

CR3 cardio-respiratory medicine and haematology

An introductory week will take place prior to starting each of firms and attendance is compulsory. During this time and throughout your clinical attachment the teaching will be delivered via a series of lectures, Problem / Clinical Based learning scenarios, tutorials and bedside teaching. Throughout the year you will have an attachment to a GP practice. You are also expected to cover the learning objectives set out in the system handbooks by a combination of private study, spending time on the wards, regular use and updating of your Log Book which guide you to the clinical tasks you needs to undertake.

In addition to your clinical attachments you will also attend the following programmes:

 - Clinical Methods Course

 - Clinical and Communication Skills Programme

 - Clinical, Science and Professionalism Weeks

 - Public Health programme

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