Barts and The London, School of Medicine and Dentistry


Year 1 FM1: Fundamentals of Medicine

Teaching Material for this Module


The aims of the FunMed Module are:

  1. To develop independent learning and critical reasoning skills necessary for a University course
  2. To acquire basic Information Technology (IT) skills in accessing information and in word processing
  3. To develop time management skills in planning and scheduling work
  4. To work and communicate effectively in small groups
  5. To appreciate the development of modern medicine and its historical context
  6. To appreciate the historical, social and demographic characteristics of the East End of London, and the implications of these for the health of the local population
  7. To develop an understanding of normal biological structure and function, at the cellular and molecular level; and knowledge of cellular pathology and basic pharmacology sufficient to provide a foundation for subsequent stages
  8. To obtain a basic knowledge of anatomical terms and of the location of the main organs and structures, including the use of medical imaging
  9. To begin to understand the contribution of genetic, social, environmental, political, occupational and behavioural factors to health, illness and disease
  10. To begin to appreciate the effect of illness on people and their families
  11. To begin to understand the role of the doctor and other health professionals in society
  12. To prepare students for meeting patients in clinical settings, by addressing communication skills and ethical principles in the health professional - patient relationship
  13. To develop basic skills of resuscitation and emergency care
  14. To provide a broad overview of the entire MBBS course

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