Barts and The London, School of Medicine and Dentistry


Year 3 PH3: Public Health

Teaching Material for this Module


The modules aims to provide an introduction to epidemiology and public health showing how these areas of medicine are related to individual and population health sciences.

Key Learning outcomes:

1. Can discuss basic principles of health improvement, including the wider determinants of health, health inequalities, health risks and disease surveillance. (GMC TD 11a)

2. Can assess how health behaviours and outcomes are affected by the diversity of the patient population. (GMC TD 11b)

3. Can describe measurement methods relevant to the improvement of clinical effectiveness and care. (GMC TD 11c)

4. Can explain and apply the basic principles of communicable disease control in hospital and community settings. (GMC TD 11 e)

5. Can evaluate and apply epidemiological data in managing healthcare for the individual and the community. (GMC TD 11 f)

6. Can recognise the role of environmental and occupational hazards in ill-health and discuss ways to mitigate their effects. (GMC TD 11 g)

7. Can discuss the principles and application of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of disease. (GMC TD 11 i)

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