Barts and The London, School of Medicine and Dentistry


Year 1 HD1: Human Development 1

Teaching Material for this Module


Overall Aims

The course aims to ensure familiarity with the following aspects of human development:


1.       The basic structure and anatomy of the pelvic region.

2.       The events of embryonic development.

3.       The changes that occur at puberty.

4.       The factors that allow for fertilisation, implantation and normal pregnancy.

5.       The process of birth and the physiological changes that occur in the baby.

6.       Normal growth and development before and after birth and mechanisms for preventing disease.

7.       Breast and bottle feeding.

8.       The function of the various agencies that work with children, both statutory and voluntary.

9.       The normal social, cognitive, language and emotional development of childhood and adolescence.

10.    Contraception and the control of fertility.

11.    The changes that occur as a result of ageing.


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