Barts and The London, School of Medicine and Dentistry


Year 4 MusSkel4: Musculoskeletal

Teaching Material for this Module


The modules aims to develop students understanding of the diagnosis and management of the common rheumatological and orthopaedic conditions including fractures.

The program consists of introductory lectures,  small group tutorials in both rheumatology and orthopaedics, attendance in outpatient clinics and theatre sessions

Key learning outcomes

  1. Can apply to medical practice, the biomedical scientific principles, method and knowledge relevant to musculoskeletal disease  (GMC TD 8)
  2. Can demonstrate knowledge of relevant drug actions: therapeutics and pharmacokinetic: drug side effects and interactions (GMC TD 8f)
  3. Can carry out a consultation with a patient with a musculoskeletal disease  (GMC TD 13)
  4. Can diagnose and understand the basic management of a patient with a musculoskeletal disease  (GMC TD 14)
  5. Can carry out, under supervision, specified practical procedures (GMC TD 18)

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