Barts and The London, School of Medicine and Dentistry


Year 4 NEURO4: Neuroscience

Teaching Material for this Module


The neurology course aims to build on the pre-clinical and clinical science, and clinical skills, taught within the brain and behaviour modules of the first and second years, to equip students with knowledge regarding common neurological and neurosurgical conditions and the ability to perform a neurological examination.  The level of competence should be equivalent to that of a newly qualified FY1 doctor.  The course should also provide enough exposure to the specialties of neurology and neurosurgery to inform students about career choice. 

During the neurology course, students will gain an appreciation of the breadth of medical and surgical neurological pathology.  However the emphasis of the course is on those common conditions which they are likely to encounter in foundation practice as well as those unifying principles of clinical neurological assessment which underlie the specialties of neurology and neurosurgery.  

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