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Year 3 MET3B: Endocrinology and Renal Medicine (MET3B)

Teaching Material for this Module


In addition to the learning objectives given in the Year 3 Handbook, students are expected to achieve the following objectives whilst attending their MET3B placement:

1. The development of core clinical and communication skills as per the Clinical and Communication skills handbook

2. Core knowledge and skills in the metabolism system

3. Competence in relevant practical skills

4. Satisfactory completion of MET3B PBL/CBL sessions

5. Attendance at ALL MET3B lectures and teaching sessions during the introductory week

6. Attendance at ALL GP sessions

7. Satisfactory completion of the Year 3 SSCs

8. Attendance at the half day  hospice visit is compulsory.

You should be aware that the majority of your knowledge should be gained from spending time on the wards; the set teaching is there to supplement this. Be aware that patients and their diseases do not behave as the textbooks imply - in neatly defined categories. Instead they may have many features and presentations that cross systems.


By the time you reach Foundation Year, you will be expected to know about the conditions in this module. The Priority codes give you an idea of their importance:

Priority * = Emergency, life threatening or serious condition. Essential to bbe able to recognise and know how to treat.

Priority 1 = Have a good knowledge of these conditions; be able to recognise them and be familiar with their treatment

Priority 2 = Have some knowledge of these conditions and their treatment

Priority 3 = Be aware of the existence of these conditions and know where to seek more information about them

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