Barts and The London, School of Medicine and Dentistry


Year 2 Yr2intro: Introduction to Year 2 and Year Outcomes


Year 2 is Stage 2 of the MBBS programme and in this stage you will build further understanding of the Systems, with a focus on abnormal function in disease. 

Blocks of learning are devoted to each of: Cardiorespiratory, Metabolism, Human Development, Brain and Behaviour, Locomotor, Human Science and Public Health and Cancer.

In Stage 2 we expect you to:

 -  Develop an understanding of specific diseases and conditions affecting the main body systems;

 -  Relate the associated signs and symptoms to underlying basic science and pathological principles;

 -  Continue to develop clinical and communication skills through training in the clinical skills laboratory and in supervised interaction with patients in out-patient and general practice settings;

 -  Continue to develop critical appraisal skills and scientific reasoning;

 -  Continue to study in context relevant psycho-social, legal, ethical and public health issues.

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