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Diagnose and manage clinical presentations (click to see list)


This learning outcome is a primary level outcome.

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(a)  Interpret findings from the history, physical examination and mental-state examination, appreciating the importance of clinical, psychological, spiritual, religious, social and cultural factors. 
(b)  Make an initial assessment of a patient's problems and a differential diagnosis. Understand the processes by which doctors make and test a differential diagnosis. 
(c)  Formulate a plan of investigation in partnership with the patient, obtaining informed consent as an essential part of this process. 
(d)  Interpret the results of investigations, including growth charts, x-rays and the results of the diagnostic procedures in Appendix 1. 
(e)  Synthesise a full assessment of the patient's problems and define the likely diagnosis or diagnoses. 
(f)  Make clinical judgements and decisions, based on the available evidence, in conjunction with colleagues and as appropriate for the graduate’s level of training and experience. This may include situations of uncertainty. 
(g)  Formulate a plan for treatment, management and discharge, according to established principles and best evidence, in partnership with the patient, their carers, and other health professionals as appropriate. Respond to patients’ concerns and preferences, obtain informed consent, and respect the rights of patients to reach decisions with their doctor about their treatment and care and to refuse or limit treatment. 
(h)  Support patients in caring for themselves. 
(i)  Identify the signs that suggest children or other vulnerable people may be suffering from abuse or neglect and know what action to take to safeguard their welfare. 
(j)  Contribute to the care of patients and their families at the end of life, including management of symptoms, practical issues of law and certification, and effective communication and teamworking.




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