Barts and The London, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Apply psychological principles, method and knowledge to medical practice (click to see list)


This learning outcome is a primary level outcome.

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(a)  Explain normal human behaviour at an individual level. 
(b)  Discuss psychological concepts of health, illness and disease. 
(c)  Apply theoretical frameworks of psychology to explain the varied responses of individuals, groups and societies to disease. (d)  Explain psychological factors that contribute to illness, the course of the disease and the success of treatment. 
(e)  Discuss psychological aspects of behavioural change and treatment compliance. 
(f)  Discuss adaptation to major life changes, such as bereavement; comparing and contrasting the abnormal 
adjustments that might occur in these situations.  
(g)  Identify appropriate strategies for managing patients with dependence issues and other demonstrations of self-harm. 



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